A new and functional design element is the natural moss that we use in making our products unique. It is an easier way to bring nature into the interior. It can decorate the rooms in which indoor plants cannot normally grow or survive.

Moreover, the moss retains its natural aspect without requiring any maintenance, being treated with glycerin. It is also flameproof and it purifies the air in the room.
It is a natural plant, which, if it has humidity in normal parameters of at least 40% and it is protected from direct sunlight, can decorate a room for about 10 to 15 years without losing its natural aspect.

Special features:
– 100% natural
– No maintenance
– Handmade
– Health
– Purifying the air
– Improving air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen
– Doesn’t attract insects and doesn’t host any potentially harmful organisms
– Gets rid of dampness

We take pride in what we do because all our products are fully handmade using only eco-friendly materials such as wood, iron, and glass.

We can easily adjust a moss design to any types of requirements that you might have!

Nowadays our life is surrounded by so many artificial materials, pollution, concreted spaces, which without noticing affect us both physically and mentally. Therefore, our desire is to bring a bit of nature into your home and decorate it to the latest trends on the market!

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