A new and functional design element is the natural moss that we use in making our products unique. It is an easier way to bring nature into the interior. It can decorate the rooms in which indoor plants cannot normally grow or survive.

Moreover, the moss retains its natural aspect without requiring any maintenance, being treated with glycerin. It is also flameproof and it purifies the air in the room.
It is a natural plant, which, if it has humidity in normal parameters of at least 40% and it is protected from direct sunlight, can decorate a room for about 10 to 15 years without losing its natural aspect.

Special features:
– 100% natural
– No maintenance
– Handmade
– Health
– Purifying the air
– Improving air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen
– Doesn’t attract insects and doesn’t host any potentially harmful organisms
– Gets rid of dampness

We take pride in what we do because all our products are fully handmade using only eco-friendly materials such as wood, iron, and glass.

We can easily adjust a moss design to any types of requirements that you might have!

Nowadays our life is surrounded by so many artificial materials, pollution, concreted spaces, which without noticing affect us both physically and mentally. Therefore, our desire is to bring a bit of nature into your home and decorate it to the latest trends on the market!

Let us bring some health to your life!


A Moss Story

What is it? Where does it come from? What is it good for and why?

100% natural
In nature, moss is a muscle, a plant formed from lichens which are organisms composed of a fungus and an alga. It is extremely resistant and can develop even under harsh conditions, very low temperatures and in different places. For example on the ground, on tree barks, on muscles, rocks or on rotting wood.

Well this type of moss is being harvested mainly in the Northern areas, in farms, where the temperature is low.

In the interior, moss is a preserved natural plant. How?

Preserving natural moss involves harvesting fully developed lichens, then placing the stems in containers with a special solution based on glycerin and other natural ingredients. The solution is absorbed until the sebum is completely reduced, and the rehydration process is completed within a few days. It easily absorbs, together with the preservative solution and food dyes, which determines its availability in a wide range of colours.

The whole process is 100% natural and ensures the maintenance of its texture and colour for up to 15 years.

Reindeer moss can be used only indoors.

Nowadays, more and more designers and architects begin to integrate moss into interior design, wall art, furniture or decorations. Both in homes, but also in commercial spaces, hotels or restaurants, moss is an option for an easy-to-maintain eco-friendly space and a special decorative value with improved air quality by helping to reduce breathing problems.

It also helps to reduce stress and fatigue and it gives your body and minds a better state of comfort.



Moss does not require any maintenance, direct natural light, watering or trimming, and are resistant to temperature changes. However, it should be avoided from high temperatures or halogen lamps, a few factors that can lead to premature drying of the plant. Moss is a natural product that does not emit carbon dioxide or toxic substances and does not contain allergens or irritants.

A good indicator of the humidity of a space. Although it is preserved, it absorbs moisture from the air and becomes stiff and rough when the room humidity drops below 40%. However, it regains its elasticity with the restoration of moisture. Moss also has antistatic properties, so no dust is added.