Moss Design Art is an Irish company based in Dublin.

Established in February 2019 by a young couple, both passionate about nature and the environment.

Their curiosity about the process of preserving a natural plant made them dive deeper into research. They tried to find the perfect preserved plant which would have almost the same features of a real plant and also to be able to keep it indoors.

And so, they found it…MOSS. Yes, you heard well, preserved natural moss, not in a pot but on walls.

A Biophilic concept that is growing rapidly everywhere around the globe but especially in the countries with a higher percentage of humidity. Using different types of preserved moss, from flat and bulb to reindeer moss, framed or just purely panels, hung or attached to your indoor walls, it creates this unique Biophilic design with an amazing visual impact which gives you a more relaxed state of comfort.

Indoor moss walls reconnect you with nature and this is why more and more people find it suitable not only for their home walls but also for their business and offices. Read more about the benefits of moss HERE.

  • Would you like to have less dampness in your room?

  • Would you like to have a natural plant that doesn’t require any maintenance?

  • Would you like to increase your creativity and productivity at work?

We have the solution!

We create wall art with moss because we want to bring you closer to the nature.

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