Some of our bespoke designs

Types of moss we use

Bulb moss

It is a type of moss that has different shapes and height depending how it grows.

This type of moss creates fresh, hilly landscape for extra dynamics and depth in the moss wall. All types of moss are treated with glycerine and water to keep their natural aspect and texture for a longer period of time. Bulb moss is recommended to be used in spaces that are dry with not to much humidity.

Flat moss

Flat moss as per its name, is rather flat and doesn’t have any relief. This type of moss is mainly used for walls with very little dept required and sometimes can be used in combination with bulb moss. We recommend using this type of moss in spaces with less humidity which can turn very dry.

Reindeer moss

Reindeer moss is like a bush. It has many tiny branches and contains a lot of pine needles and twigs. Most of the time this moss is cleaned from them, but some customers prefer it with as it gives it a more natural look. It’s natural colour is white to grey but in the process of treating it with glycerin and water , food dye is also added to make it the desired colour. It comes in various colours. It is recommended to be placed in spaces with a higher level of humidity or at least 40%.


  • In order to create custom orders we would need from you: the size you require and a design, if you have one in mind or alternatively we can recommend you some depending on the space where you wish to place the wall and the elements surrounding it
  • We create custom frame types and shapes too or you can opt for simple panels
  • We would love to hear your ideas! Please send us an email and we can work together on the ideal, unique piece for your interior decor

Please note: Bespoke designs will not look exactly as pictured in the mock-up designs that we make as each piece is unique. We always update our customers during the creation process and ask for their feedback before finalising and delivering it.